legacy Our Lit Mag history!

ArtDesign Elements and Postulates of Design for Art

design-1 Elements of Unity

typography Powerpoint

TypeAnatomy Identifying type terminology

TypePacket All things type, geek out on this information

Type-Types&Styles More things type

How did they Old spreads and terminology

Font Conference Funny video about fonts

Font Fight Funny sequel video about fonts

Papyrus   SNL skit of hilarity!

Other great resources to use:

issuu.com for current magazine trends

zinio.com for magazine trends

Design-seeds.com for color matching

color.adobe.com for making your own color matches

colourlovers.com for browsing color palletes

Search for graphic designer portfolios by city

yearbookbesties.com for terminology and spreads

Oxford Comma Goes to Court The Oxford Comma and its importance