Creative Writing 1 ~ Check for completed Commercial screenplays. Share screenplays and ideas. Begin Non-Fiction. Discuss Garrison Keillor’s “How to Write a Letter.” Mrs. Wood will share an embarassing letter she wrote to herself when she turned 18. Use the following guide to help you write a letter to yourself to be opened in ten years time. Watch Brad Paisley’s Letter to Me. HW: Finish your letter and show it for credit next class.

Creative Writing 2, 3, 4 ~ Identify students whose portfolios are not accessible or are missing elements. Discuss the five questions that pertain to Neruda’s “Poem 20.” Read and discuss Neruda’s poem, “If You Forget Me.” HW: Write a love poem about loss, either losing someone or something OR someone or something losing you.

English 10 Honors ~ Reminder about vocabulary test Friday. Review again expectations for the Culminating project. Begin poetry unit. Distribute Elements of Poetry and discuss. Distribute Poetry Analysis Worksheet and discuss. Distribute, read, and discuss Joyce Kilmer “Trees.” HW: Vocab 40 and 41 test Friday. Write a Rhyming Couplet poem.


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