“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Creative Writing 1 ~  Begin class with a 10-minute freewrite. Discuss Sensory Detail and unique metaphors. Discuss Major Life Events which will lead up to a new story. HW: Writer’s Notebooks due Sept. 30.

Creative Writing 2, 3, 4 ~Begin class with a 10-minute freewrite. Handout the updated Writer’s Eye workshop schedule. Discuss Stephen King and what makes a horror story? Read Stephen King’s “Survivor Type.” Discuss elements of Suspense writing. HW: Writer’s Notebook due Friday. Begin a horror story with an unexpected twist or unexpected ending.

English 10 Honors ~ Begin class with a 10-minute SSR. Distribute, grade, and discuss the common/proper Nouns passage. Quiz on Irony & Satire. In class, review Elements of Fiction using kahoot! (Look for Elements of Fiction by cswood2) HW: Elements of Fiction and short stories test on Friday! Vocabulary 22 and 23 and 5th Day oral freewrite due Tuesday, October 4.


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