Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a 10-minute freewrite. Check for completed Tri-Dimensional Bone Structure inspired by your vintage photograph. Give a one-sentence summary of your vintage photo plot. Write your story. HW: September Writer’s Notebook is due Friday. Write your vintage photo story.  Complete it if you’re loving it, stop writing if you’re hating it. We will have another prompt next class.

Creative Writing 2, 3, 4 ~ Begin class with a 10-minute free write. Distribute the workshop calendar for Writer’s Eye piece. Break into groups and rotate: getting to know you! HW: Writer’s Eye piece is due October 6.

English 10 Honors ~ Begin class with a 10-minute SSR. Distribute graded work. Discuss identifying nouns in long passages. Complete the Noun handout. Turn-in the worksheet from “Masque of the Red Death.” Discuss “Masque of the Red Death” symbolism, theme… Share your masks to the class and discuss the symbols you chose. Discuss irony and satire. Begin final short story, “The Monkey’s Paw.” HW: Read “The Monkey’s Paw” and complete the Monkey’s Paw handout. Elements of fiction unit test on Friday, September 30.


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