“I knew she wasn’t English, cause she spoke it far too well.” ~Pete Doherty

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a ten-minute freewrite.  Critique written poems in workshop.   5th pd. critiques–Douglas, Denzell, Andrew, Alexander, Thea.  7th pd. critiques–Joe, Emily, Melissa, Nyasia, Aleksandra.  HW–Critiques pieces.  5th pd.– Beth, Haley, Sarah, Natalie, Ellie  7th pd.–Kaki, Lakshmi, Alexis, Sarah, Ian  PLEASE CONSIDER SUBMITTING TO FIRST PAGES FOR FESTIVAL OF THE BOOK!!!

Creative Writing 2-4 ~ Continue copy editing.  Work on website submissions.  Prepare artwork for print.  Collect FINAL PATRONS WHICH ARE DUE TODAY!  PLEASE CONSIDER SUBMITTING TO FIRST PAGES FOR FESTIVAL OF THE BOOK!!!

Filmmaking ~ Sign up for your filming week.  Go over handout on final cut tutorials.  Review production scheduling handout and how to make your production work easier for you!  Begin discussion on Director Christopher Nolan.  Discuss film noir as a genre.  Begin Memento.


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