“I’m depressed but I’m remarkably dressed and that’s all I need.” ~Morrissey

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a Ten-minute free write.  Collect February Writer’s Notebooks.  Distribute poetry rubric, poetry checklist, and Writer’s Workshop chart.  Distribute everyone’s poems and put them in an assigned critique order.  HW: Critique pieces by the following poets:  5th pd–Douglas, Denzell, Andrew, Alexander, Thea; 7th pd.–Joe, Emily, Melissa, Nyasia, Aleksandra

Creative Writing 2-4 ~ Go over the deadlines for the first pages and VHSL Creative Writing contests.  In small groups, begin copy editing all “yes” pieces for the literary/art magazine.

Filmmaking ~ We will share each group’s cross-cutting dialogue scenes.  Discuss what worked well and what needs to be improved upon.  Begin filmmaking sign-ups for your films.  There are only three weeks to film!



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