“Nothing could be worse than the risk of losing what I don’t have now.” ~Sara Bareilles

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a ten-minute freewrite.  Check for complete perspective poem.  Read handout on Pantoum poetry and discuss the form.  Share examples of the Pantoum.  HW: Write your own original Pantoum using the guide Mrs. Wood gave you.  Reminder, a completed poem for workshop is due by Thursday, February 27.  If you have it reviewed by the writing center, five points will be added to your workshop grade for extra credit.

Creative Writing 2-4 ~ Begin art submission critiques.  Review the powerpoints on Unity and Art!.  Discuss elements of “good” art.  As Mrs. Wood flips through the art pieces, post  your votes on the googledocs Mike created.  We will continue this next class.

Filmmaking ~ Reminder, completed screenplays are due on Monday.  Use the handout Mrs. Wood gave you for important tips.  You may want to use celtx.com or scriptbuddy.com for your screenplay.  Finish Hitchcock’s Psycho and complete film analysis sheet.


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