“Write it.  Shoot it.  Publish it.  Crochet it, saute it, whatever.  Make.” ~Joss Whedon

Creative Writing 2-4 ~ Return graded Writer’s Notebook.  Continue critiquing workshop pieces.  There are 214 literature pieces.

Creative Writing 1 ~ Return graded Writer’s Notebook.  Check for completed alphabet prose or poem.  Collect a completed poem with its original draft and a revised draft.  Discuss cinquain poems.  Write your own cinquain poem and be prepared to share it with the class on Monday.

Filmmaking ~ Continue watching and discussing student films.  Don’t forget, your one-page treatment is due on Tuesday.  No excuses! Mrs. Wood must review them ASAP to begin the lesson on screenplay writing. Discuss MPAA movie rating system.  Begin discussion on Hitchcock.  Watch Hitchcock Powerpoint and take notes.  Begin the film Psycho and work on film analysis sheet.  Hitchcock quiz when we finish analyzing the film.


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