Scholastic Awards


Hello Creative Writing 4 seniors,

You have registered with Scholastic Art and Writing awards.  You MUST, are REQUIRED TO, submit a writer’s portfolio of 4 to 8 pieces, and it must include your writer’s statement.  As I have said for the past few weeks, and posted on my blog, this is a REQUIRED portfolio which will also count as your MID-TERM EXAM!  
We are a “Region-At-Large.”  So, make sure you select that for your submission.  I spoke with the bookkeeper, and the school will not let us use the card.  You are required to pay the $20 submission fee, but bring a printed invoice to me of your receipt and I will make sure you are reimbursed.
Your portfolio, submitted online to Scholastic, is due by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18.  Once you submit, you will need to print out the following two items 1.  submission fee and get all required signatures and 2. invoice/receipt of payment.  These are due to me by THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19. Ignore Scholastic’s official deadline of Jan. 6 because I have to deal with the logistics of it through the bookkeeper.  I have to put all the forms together and turn them in to the bookkeeper, then mail the submission forms to Scholastic.  (I’m not sure if they allow payment by check, if so, bring the check in to me, and I will make sure the bookkeeper reimburses you).
You all were required to submit to me your Writer’s Statement by this past Wednesday, the 11th.  I only received statements from Carly, Jenn (Thursday), Mike, Claire.
PS:  If you are a senior in CW 2 or 3, this is not required, but you registered and want to count this as your exam because of the award and scholarship opportunities.  For information, contact
Thank you,
Mrs. Wood

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