“Worry is a futile thing.  It is somewhat like a rocking chair.  Although it keeps you occupied, it doesn’t get you anywhere.” ~Van Wilder

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a ten-minute free write.  Review the discussion from lost class about Fractured Fairytales. Write your own Fractured Fairytale using either a fairytale, folk tale, myth, legend, fable.  You must turn-in one completed short story on Monday.  It must be printed, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Courier New.  If you can’t print from home, please use the library or Writing Center to print your story.  It is due Monday or points off per day it is late.  Your story can be ANY completed short story written by you!

Creative Writing 2-4 ~ Begin class with a ten-minute free write.  This class (2nd pd) will be used as a study hall to work on your Writer’s Eye piece or catch up on any work.  Do not be surprised if only about five of you are present because the rest of the staff is going to the VHSL Championship Journalism Conference.  First period class on Monday will continue to workshop pieces.  

Filmmaking ~ There will be a substitute on Friday because Mrs. Wood is attending the VHSL Journalism Championship Conference with the lit mag staff.  You will take notes on the director, M. Night Shyamalan, then begin analyzing the film, Signs.  Pay close attention to symbols that relate to outer space or the sky, and foreshadowing.  Is the camera movement effective or distracting?  Work on your film analysis sheet as you experience the film.

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