“Obsessive is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” ~Unknown

Creative Writing 1 ~ Begin class with a Ten-Minute free write.  Read an excerpt from Jamaica Kincaid’s novel, Annie John.  Discuss conflict, complications, and resolution.  What details in the story create suspense and tension?  Begin your Story Machine short story.  The objective is to create the last scene of your story, then supply the plot that leads up to the final scene.  Retrograde plotting is often an effective tool for many writers.  Collect your 30 page Writer’s Notebook.

Creative Writing 2-4 ~ Begin class with a Ten-Minute free write.  Collect your completed Theme and/or Atmosphere piece.  This should be typed, printed, and a Writer’s Studio Peer Editing slip attached to it.  Reminder, the Writer’s Eye art is also available in a PowerPoint in an early blog post. Discuss the upcoming Bus Lines writing contest.  Brainstorm ideas for the theme of “Out and About.”  Discuss Flash Fiction.  Write a flash fiction piece with the theme “Out and About” in less than 100 words!  flashfiction.ppt.

Filmmaking ~ Final day for our Scavenger Hunt.  Work on using the condensor microphones and boom poles. Learn how to use a reflector disk to manipulate the light on your set.  This is your last chance to get all your shots and angles for your Scavenger Hunt!


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